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Best Deals and FREE Books for 30th March 2023


A new breed of sci-fi thriller loaded with unexpected superpowers that have a surprising curse! Calvin is your run-of-the-mill college student, who goes wherever the wind decides to take him. One night all of that changed, after an unsettling event occurred Calvin became cursed with superpowers. But every time he uses his new powers, a little bit of his life expectancy is depleted!

Wisdom Calls Out on the Street: A Proverbs Devotional & Journal

Do you find yourself constantly making mistakes and bad life decisions? Do you wish you could make better decisions to lead a healthier life? Do you want to learn from Scripture without committing to a lengthy study? The book of Proverbs offers us wisdom that can change our lives for the better. “Wisdom Calls Out on the Street” brings the ancient counsel of Proverbs to our modern world, offering us a source of life-changing insight with each page. Through this devotional and journal, you will:
• Discover the Power of Ancient Wisdom: Unpack each of the thirty-one chapters of Proverbs line-by-line with a unique expository message from each passage. Gain the timeless insight of the book of Proverbs and make it applicable to the circumstances of your life.

701 LIFE LESSONS: Timeless Lessons for Overcoming Life Challenges in a Chaotic World (701 Life Collection Book 1)

Are you tired of feeling lost and directionless in life? Discover the powerful life lessons that will transform your perspective and help you achieve your dreams in this inspiring self-help book. Life is intricate, profound, and replete with surprises and obstacles. When things occur regularly, life is frequently difficult, frequently perplexing, and occasionally outright deceitful. And, as the saying goes, life is not fair; or, at the very least, its gifts are not distributed equitably. Some people find and realize their aspirations with relative ease, while others strive for a long time, and some never succeed. However, contrary to common assumption, failure is seldom the result of “bad breaks,” even if a person is born destitute and disliked. Usually, failure is the result of inadequate responses to life’s demands.

American Slave: First-hand accounts of slave life and “freedom” from those who lived through it

Hear the real stories of what it was like to be an American Slave straight from two who lived through it – J.D. Green and James L. Smith. Born in the early 1800’s, these two men write their heroic and horrifying life stories. Looking back on their lives toward the turn of the next century they describe what it was like to be owned and what was promised as freedom. After the Civil War, there was a new type of oppression.
The stories in this book were only lightly edited for some punctuation but the words and phrases were left to be true to the writer’s heart. Some may find it offensive, some may be disgusted but I urge you to read on for this is the truth. To this day, many Americans as well as people around the world do not understand the impact slavery had on the African American community. This still reverberates through our communities due to current day racism. The aim of this book is to open the eyes of the masses to the brutality and evil institution that America had once embraced. May this book give us all more understanding and compassion towards the struggles that these slaves faced and what those of color face now.

Human Consciousness and Our World Order

We all know our world is struggling now on many levels. Yet there is no easy way around these times. In fact it has all been accurately designed, out of the darkness of our world, from the universal ‘consciousness’ we all share, in such a way that the light needs to come through.
The pain that we all deal with, as an aware block of ‘consciousness’, living in the collective unconsciousness or in ‘unawareness,’ is necessary right now. Nothing in the dark is not eventually brought into the light.
We all need to take encouragement. Think about peace. Think about togetherness, and the world need not be the way it has always been. We are learning the truth of our interconnection over time, in a subtle way, as a valuable lesson. We are ready to move on to a new way of solving our problems.

Brilliant Ideas I Had While Taking A Shit – An Ideas / Invention Notebook for People Who Poop A Lot: 120 Pages of Graph Paper / Lined Paper

This 120 page, 6″ x 9″ notebook journal is the perfect size for the person on the go and can be used for so many things! The funny / cute cover makes it the perfect cute book for displaying on your bathroom counter, nightstand, coffee table or desk! This notebook features 120 graph paper/lined journal pages. The top half of each page is graph paper for sketching your poop time inventions or ideas and the bottom half of each page is lined notebook paper to write your ideas. Uses for this journal are endless. This book makes a hilarious gift for the fun and vibrant person in your life! Have a good laugh at your potty ponderings; and maybe you’ll use your poop time to invent something awesome and get crazy rich, never know right?…

Options for Income: The Complete Guide To Consistent Income From Trading Options

If you’re an investor who is new to options but would love to create yourself an additional income stream, this is the book for you.
Options for Income is a simple, plain English guide that will teach you how you can generate consistent income from trading options by spending just a few hours each month.
Written by a professional investor with over 15 years of experience trading options, this short guide will give you all of the knowledge and information you need to be able to generate yourself a new income stream by trading options. No jargon, no fluff, no filler, just a straightforward actionable guide.

A World Split in Two: Generational Division

Ever wonder why everything in the world seems to be so screwed up? Most of the time, the answer is that we’re dealing with the effects of decisions that came long before us. Leo Liu, a 14-year-old, has thought hard about this, and his pursuit to find out more has led him to coin what he calls “Generational Division” — the way that generations today have more differences than they ever have before. So let’s look at the past, and into the future, and see what we can uncover.

The Aribnb Arbitrage Guide: The Blueprint to Building a Rental Empire

Unlock the secrets of Airbnb Arbitrage and take your vacation rental game to the next level with The Airbnb Arbitrage Guide: The Blueprint to Building a Rental Empire. This comprehensive guide is the ultimate tool for mastering the art of Airbnb Arbitrage, from finding the perfect properties to maximizing profits and building a rental empire. Written by industry experts, this book is packed with insider tips, strategies, and real-world examples to help you succeed in the competitive world of Airbnb. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, The Airbnb Arbitrage Guide is the key to unlocking your rental potential and achieving your financial dreams. Don’t miss out on this essential guide to building a successful Airbnb empire.

Just Pause: Easy Steps to Attain the Ultimate Success

This book is written by Dr. Ovadia, a qualified medical doctor who graduated from WITS university and has witness and help treat numerous number of patients who face the a multitude of tramas faced by South African. “The Best Self-Help Books: Just Pause” is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their mental health and overall wellbeing. The aim of the book is to allow you to feel happy and fulfilled with everyday situations. Allowing you to always be in the best state of mind and ensure your decisions are constantly made to the best of your ability.

Off The Dribble (Beyond Worth Uh’ Dance)

Maxwell Pixar baptized to the game the day he gleamed at a shotgun extended outta the trunk of a 1970’ish whip and the next thing you knew danger was everywhere. Luckily the static wasn’t intended at Max because of his tender age- very likely wouldn’t survived. But instead, he saved the day utilizing his ghetto instincts. Growing up in East Oakland the deep, better know as the trenches- action packed, sun upz ta’ downs. As Max grew older he begun soaking up the street knowledge and rapidly from the older siblings which surrounded him. By far his Pops eldest brother, and quit few of the hood generals, not to discredit the opposite sex who found his persona soulful, thick nearly impossible of ignoring~ engaging a taste! The tables whipped! Forcing upon him to differiante the drawning of the darts,

Cannabis Wars: The Incredible True Story of the Medical Cannabis Underground

Early into his 40s, Tom Wegner received the one piece of news everybody fears; his father was diagnosed with cancer. Just like that, Wegner’s life course evaporated: One day he was living the life of a hotshot political campaigner, and the next he became the only caregiver for a terminal cancer patient.
The attempts to alleviate his father’s constant pain were Wegner’s first steps into the absurd, wonderful, mind-boggling world of medical cannabis. Cannabis Wars chronicles not only Wegner’s experiences with the medicinal herb, but the story of an entire movement that spurred out to fight for patients’ rights while facing bloody red tapes and stone-faced bureaucracy.

Out of the Pantry: A Disordered Eating Journey

Pre-teen Ronni is a seemingly normal girl growing up in the suburbs, until the day her mom hides cookies. Soon after, Ronni has an unexplainable compulsion to eat more and more and more junk.
In secret and shame, she overeats and binges through tween years, high school, college, an abusive first marriage, and even a loving second marriage. Over thirty years, she steals food, eats food off of others’ plates, and scavenges food out of the trash, until one night, once again stuffed after a binge, on TV, she hears the words “compulsive overeater.”
She searches and she learns she has an eating disorder, a mental illness, a disease.

The Princess and the Magical Book: series vol 1

The princess and the magical book tells the story of how she got magic from a book to do as she pleases. But first, there are things she needs to do or say to accomplish her ‘magic’. The magic won’t work at all unless the princess is friendly, nice and kind. This princess is usually very unkind, rude and unfriendly. She must be very, very patient too or else no fun for her. Guaranteed to stimulate your child’s attention to friendship, good manners, kindness, patience. She also works closely with a pretty animal too, find out who helps the princess on her way to fetching ‘magic’
Funny, inspiring, motivating, great attitude to -focus, playful, magical fun.
Bedtime story, on car, to the shops, while walking, on picnic, at church or school time.
Please chech out my other books like colouring books, numbers and alphabets, tracing, scissors practice, gluing, mazes, family book series

The Three Little Piglets A classic story with a new tale

A classic tale we all know and love with new twist and turns. The Three Little Piglets build their own home, but when danger awaits on the other side of the door. The wolf uses many disguises to get close enough to the piglets and blows their house down. The three little piglets with hair on their chin, work together and blow down the wolf in the end.

William, the Wizard And Being Yourself

Growing up in modern times is difficult and children face a whole host of new problems their parents never had to tackle when growing up. 10-year-old William knows that only too well. It feels as though he encounters a new problem each and every day and tries to navigate them as best he can. However, in tough times it can be helpful to have a guide in order to teach and impart wisdom. Fortunately, William has The Wizard.
One day, when tackling a dilemma in his day-to-day youthful life, a mysterious wizard appears to William. What makes the situation even more bizarre is that William is the only person who can see the little old man in his pointy blue hat.

A Review of 100 Of the Greatest Love Stories

Unlock the secrets of endless romance with this comprehensive collection of reviews on the 100 of the greatest love stories of all time. From classic tales of star-crossed lovers to modern stories of forbidden love, this guide is the perfect way to find a romantic narrative that speaks to your heart. With concise reviews and summaries tailored to help you quickly and easily find the perfect book to read or gift to your special someone, you can explore a wide range of love stories from various time periods, cultures, and continents. Discover the timelessness of love and the power of its stories with this remarkable collection.

Couples Therapy Workbook: Strategies to Connect, Restore Love and Trust, Improve Communication Intimacy and Validation: A Relationship Book for Couples

Would you like to build a stronger relationship?
This relationship book for couples will help you get to know each other on a new level, with activities and games centered around having carefree fun.
COUPLES THERAPY WORKBOOK is a series of guided questions and exercises to promote meaningful couple conversations and build ongoing, connected communication.
It is presented weekly over the course of 15 weeks. However, it may be adjusted to fit any timeline and developed to be utilized by couples and clinicians working with couples in a marriage counseling setting.
It covers the full spectrum of relationship issues: money, intimacy, trust, and much more. This is what separates it from other relationship books.


EIGHT THOUSAND MILES FROM BOSTON the badly decomposed body of an American tourist has been found floating in the sea … but who is he? Who killed him? And why?
While on vacation in Thailand, Lucy strengthens her resolve to get away from the ‘mausoleum’, which is how she thinks of the office – but little does she know that she’s about to do better than that — Kane’s going to deputize her as his temporary assistant investigator, something she couldn’t have anticipated in her wildest dreams. Well, perhaps her wildest dreams…She befriends Dale Porter, a fellow American living in the Philippines; but her idyllic break is cut short when Dale is arrested for murder on his return to Manila. She enlists Kane’s assistance and they both head to the Philippines to look for answers, where together they set out to solve the mystery of a man’s body found floating in the sea and to try to prove that Dale was not responsible for his death.

Sword’s Edge: Enemies to Lovers’ Romance

A dying wish. A failing business. A budding romance. A quest to fulfill a last wish opens the door to new possibilities.
It wasn’t the right thing to do, but the world didn’t do nice things to me when the cat I adopted, Tiffany, turned out to be the bane of my existence and the doctor’s report came in. Auntie had cancer. I knew I couldn’t save her, but I could show her how to live again.
The plan was simple, get a job, save up and go on a trip to Paris with Auntie, and try to get Tiffany to be an actual pet. A job opening came up, and I dropped my waitressing job in a heartbeat. Without any kind of corporate experience, I was going in blind.
But my falsified CV did more than just land me a job at one of the biggest companies in the city, it granted me access to the drop-dead gorgeous CEO of Ader Holdings. I really thought I could do this, but it took all of three minutes for my sloppy PA skills and my hellish cat, to get me in so much trouble…. trouble that got me in my boss’s bed.

Being More Sexually Intimate With Yourself

A woman’s guide to self exploration with herself. Learn to love your body and self-please without the help of a partner. In todays world self-pleasing is no longer taboo. We have now come to a place in time where “sexual health” plays an important role in our everyday lives and we must not neglect our yearnings. So pour that glass of wine and get ready to get that libido back in your life. This One of a kind read will help you improve your confidence and regain sexual desire if lost. You will see a tremendous improvement of satisfaction and possibly in your relationship. Feel sexy and sensual with this positive step-by-step guide to a sexually confident you! No shame or judgement lives here.

The Devil Is In The Details

Saamyah Anne Cambell is a former special agent of the FBI, now a detective with local law enforcement. She absconds Texas for a temporary duty assignment in Florida to cope better with familial losses. Thrust into a new environment, cantankerous partner, and mystifying case, Saamyah soon realizes that the very agony she was running from is ultimately the same torment she is running to.
Bryan Terrell Russell has been a lone detective with local law enforcement since the resignation of his career-long partner. Accustomed to come, go, and do as he please, the assignment of a new partner is not only inconvenient for him, but also uncomfortable. Torn between the desire to be right and the obligation to do the right thing, Bryan must strategically balance personal sacrifices and professional gains.

Heels: A Lesbian S&M Romance

Carly’s life consists of “parenting a bunch of sexually overactive children in an attempt to make art,” her words.
It’s just that life as a director of smut has become dull and more than a little boring. That is until she meets Sam, vivacious filled in equal parts of naivety and the powers of a sex goddess. Carly sets a new course in life. That is she will if she can only find Sam again.