Fly, Die! (Freddy Miescher Book 1)

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📚 Introducing “Fly, Die!” 🦅🐈🐦
🌟 Heart-breaking, grotesque, and funny! 🌟
Life’s not fair, and justice is a joke. A seagull goes on a killing spree, decimating the local cat population. Cats seek revenge when Abyssinian Joseph uncovers the truth. Amidst a recession and Brexit uncertainty, underfunded public servants ignore the cat deaths.
Constables Franklin and Wilkin’s social media investigation leads to a suspect, but their deductive reasoning fails, implicating an innocent teenager. Mrs. Crick witnesses nature’s cruelty as the bird and his family take refuge on her roof. While she loves wildlife, nature shocks her.
A dark social satire (depending on your view) of nature, family, and politics. Witness the cruelty of nature and the folly of the British civil service.
Get “Fly, Die!” today and experience the wild ride. 📖🎢

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