07:07: A man’s search for (self-)love went wrong. Or did it?

If you ever lost yourself in a relationship, embark on this journey. If you ever thought you found the one, but life proved you the opposite, so did I. So I left for Asia with a one-way ticket, with my heart bleeding, searching for myself.
You may call my journey the Eat, Pray, Love through a man’s eyes and heart.

It’s February, and I’m getting out of a relationship where I’ve lost myself. I’m going on a Silent Retreat in Asia with no return ticket. Nothing goes as planned, forcing me to be more humane with myself and others. Traveling alone, I learn to calm my mind and stay with my own fears. I discover tea plantations, sleep in Indian homes, and meet wild boar and sharks. That’s how I get to meet a woman. This is a man’s version of Eat, Pray, Love through Thailand, Bali, India and Nepal, in search of (self-)love

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