American Slave: First-hand accounts of slave life and “freedom” from those who lived through it

Hear the real stories of what it was like to be an American Slave straight from two who lived through it – J.D. Green and James L. Smith. Born in the early 1800’s, these two men write their heroic and horrifying life stories. Looking back on their lives toward the turn of the next century they describe what it was like to be owned and what was promised as freedom. After the Civil War, there was a new type of oppression.
The stories in this book were only lightly edited for some punctuation but the words and phrases were left to be true to the writer’s heart. Some may find it offensive, some may be disgusted but I urge you to read on for this is the truth. To this day, many Americans as well as people around the world do not understand the impact slavery had on the African American community. This still reverberates through our communities due to current day racism. The aim of this book is to open the eyes of the masses to the brutality and evil institution that America had once embraced. May this book give us all more understanding and compassion towards the struggles that these slaves faced and what those of color face now.

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