Beat the Gun: Let’s Rewire Our Brains

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Beat the Gun: Let’s Rewire Our Brains

A Guide to Personal Growth and Development Create a New You Develop Your Mind Improve Your Mind
Are you interested in continually improving yourself?
Do you want to be the best version of you and find success?
This book has been written to help you reach new heights!
Personal growth and self-development are vital to each and every one of us as we strive to reach our life goals and attain the level of success which will ultimately make us happy. Unfortunately, many of us are born with an instinctive inability to improve on what we naturally have and never look for ways to be better. This is where rewiring your brain becomes of the utmost importance.
This new book, Beat the Gun: Let’s Rewire Our Brains, will help you to rethink your strategies for development that will last a lifetime, with chapters that examine

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