Brilliant Ideas I Had While Taking A Shit – An Ideas / Invention Notebook for People Who Poop A Lot: 120 Pages of Graph Paper / Lined Paper

This 120 page, 6″ x 9″ notebook journal is the perfect size for the person on the go and can be used for so many things! The funny / cute cover makes it the perfect cute book for displaying on your bathroom counter, nightstand, coffee table or desk! This notebook features 120 graph paper/lined journal pages. The top half of each page is graph paper for sketching your poop time inventions or ideas and the bottom half of each page is lined notebook paper to write your ideas. Uses for this journal are endless. This book makes a hilarious gift for the fun and vibrant person in your life! Have a good laugh at your potty ponderings; and maybe you’ll use your poop time to invent something awesome and get crazy rich, never know right?…

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