Cave Scratchings: Essays and other writings philosophical, left-wing and miscellaneous 2018-2022

A strange collection of essays and other writings by Philosophy Bear, one of a small handful of grizzly bear writers in the world today [and do you know how few grizzly bears fit in a handful?]. A professional graduate student, lifelong OCD sufferer, longtime leftwing activist, and a passionate salmon connoisseur, Philosophy Bear scratched these essays into his cave walls while he should have been hibernating.
This anthology covers topics from socialism to folk music, from OCD to metaphysics, and from Oscar Wilde to AI. Its tone and quality vary from cascading sorrow to dam breaching hope, from white-knuckled rage to cold and rapid analysis, belles lettres to bawdy humor, well researched and circumspect writing to wild and irresponsible speculation. It’s long and cheap so we can at least promise that it’s good value in a narrow and quantitative sense.

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