Christian Focus In A Blurry World

Christian Focus In A Blurry World is a true masterpiece that can guide you to achieve a better life for yourself and your family. We know just how difficult the modern world can be and that losing your way as a Christian can only be a matter of time. But you no longer have to fear the blurriness of the world. We are here to teach you how to focus on your Christian life and let everything else fade into the background.
God is here to show you the right way but you have to be ready to embrace it. In such a blurry and uncertain world, it can be easy to give in to temptations. But soon enough you will get to experience the pain of giving up on your Christian value, which is when God has the power to show His true face. This Christian book will teach you that accepting God and His infinite love is not easy but it has to be done with an open heart and complete trust. To do this, our book on faith shows you that you must first purge your life of unnecessary white noise and people who are true temptations that get you further away from life as God intended it.

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