Dangerous Bureau

“A highly original dark psychological thriller that will delight fans of serial killer fiction.” –Best Thrillers
Murderers. Psychopaths. Pedophiles. They’ll create a new America. They’ll develop dangerous technology and find ways to invade private citizens’ lives. They’ll aid corporate America in creating elitism – taking over its democracy and manipulating its economy.
That’s Eric Colvin’s view. He runs a secretive, very powerful rogue government program.
The Intellect Bureau. If criminals are super smart, Colvin will covertly save them from prison or execution in exchange for their brain power. They’ll number in few, but have extreme influence.
Tara Helms, a housewife and computer whiz, learns quite-by-accident that her child’s killer is in the IB. She’ll team with a dying, guilt-ridden, former IB agent in attempting to destroy Eric Colvin. The fight will be an arduous, brutal one – to the death.

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