Department of Masquerade Enforcement: New Hire (Book 1)

The public thinks the supernatural isn’t real; they’re wrong and it’s better that way. If anyone knew that guy they just cut off in traffic was a werewolf that could rip out their throat, or that the person standing behind them in line at the coffee shop could set them on fire with a wave of their hand; there would be panic on a global scale. The truth of the paranormal is hidden by the ‘The Great Masquerade’. The duty of the Department of Masquerade Enforcement is to keep that truth hidden and maintain law and order among the supernatural beings living among us. Jack Gray, Magus and a (soon-to-be) rookie agent for the DME is looking forward to following in the footsteps of his legendary grandfather. A chance encounter with a supernatural citizen leaves Jack unsettled and gives him reason to suspect the DME may not be what it seems…

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