Everything Is a Computation: The Book that will Redefine Your View about Yourself and the Universe

✓ From a scientific point of view, the book seeks to dive as deep as possible into existence, as it deals with many metaphysical phenomena such as fate, death, the soul of the universe, and the Creator… It also explains the abilities and skills that transcend human sensory limits, such as the law of attraction and telepathy. All this is interpreted according to scientific evidence and mathematical methods that are profoundly logical.
“Everything is a Computation”
Perhaps you came across a book or a film of science fiction discussing the fact that the universe is governed by mathematics, and that the universe is just a matrix, or you may have read some books and novels that address the systems that govern the universe, or maybe through the title of this book, you conclude that it will discuss the same thing but in accordance to a scientific method without fiction. Well You can become a skillful person, master many languages, and take full control of your decisions and habits, or even accomplish your goals.All of this is nothing but mere calculations on which you have to program yourself to be a problem solver and be an expert at anything you want.

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