Expose Three Evil of the CCP: Creating Wuhan Virus, Harvesting Organs Alive, Financial Fraud

Under God’s guidance, I fled China from Shanghai in October 2020 and sent a large number of emails and messages to governments, media, and schools around the world, including the Trump administration. In order to expose the CCP’s creation of the Wuhan virus, live organ harvesting, and financial fraud. I’m sure many of you have received my emails and seen my messages on the web.
Guo Wengui and Yan Limeng only provided unilateral evidence and opinions, which could not convince those who had doubts about it. And I have provided you with a lot of news analysis and evidence chain. One has to believe that this is a fact.
It was I who convinced governments around the world that the CCP created the Wuhan virus and launched biological warfare. Now countries all over the world regard the CCP as an enemy, and this is all my credit.

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