Fiona and Dante: A New Friendship

Tales of Dragons, Dreams, and Courage: Fiona and Dante, A Fantastic Children’s Story. When Fiona, a friendly young fox, tells her friends she wants to go high up in the sky and fly, they laugh at her dreams and tell her she will never be able to fly. Feeling so upset and discouraged, she ran off into the woods not knowing where she would end. “That’s when she sensed a foreign presence behind her. Fiona jumped up in the air and turned around. She startled a big creature behind her and it quickly retreated back to the dark part of the cave. But Fiona was curious and she didn’t run away. She looked around curiously and the creature decided to come out. Slowly, a huge dragon emerged from the darkness and Fiona’s heart started to race. She froze in place and looked up at the scaly giant.”

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