Followers of the Owl : Book 2 of the Wakefield Chronicles (The Wakefield Mystery Series)

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Followers of the Owl is something I’ve never read before. Part dark fiction, part fantasy, part magical realism, part new adult, Followers of the Owl defies genres and shares a story that’ll yank out your heart before gingerly placing it still beating in your chest. The character-driven plot moves at a good pace with deep emotional narration. The diverse characters add such depth to this story. The world-building is intricate and very creative. While the world-building is believable, it also has an imaginative feel. Without a doubt, Followers of the Owl is an immersive read. Fantasy readers rejoice, this is your next fan favorite. If magical realism is your reading jam, pick up Followers of the Owl. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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