God Of Apocalypse: Naim Hasan is an American poet born and brought up in Bangladesh. Born in July 24, 1979. An eager learner during his lovely student life

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The varied #poems in the book “Nataraj” seem to express the #poet’s #tireless efforts in search of a #mysterious truth. The poems compiled in the #book not only provide #food for thought but also make people aware of the limitations and inadequacies of #human thought. Naim Hasan’s poems reflect the #philosophies of a #spectrum of #schools, from the physiological poets in nineteenth century Bengal, to the metaphysical style of the sixteenth century poet John Donne.
The poems compiled in the “Nataraj” #book describe how the new human life, which begins in the inevitable biological persecution of procreation, gradually becomes perfect in the tactics of grouping, and at the same time what kind of tribulations and struggles it has to face at different stages of that life.

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