Jared’s Rose

Jared, the “rosarian,” connoisseur of roses, ran frantically throughout the neighborhood, asking all he came upon if they had seen his missing rose or heard any news of what could have happened to his rose.  How could it just have vanished?
In life, we, as parents, and without warning, unfortunately experience the traumatic loss of a child. Like Jared the rosarian, who had nourished and cultivated his rose and lost it, we too, as parents provide love, attention, and nurturing to our children. With great pride, we stand by lovingly observing them grow and navigate through triumphant and challenging times, but always trusting and believing they will be with us into our old age.  “Jared’s Rose” is a metaphor for both the rosarian and the parent. In the book, Jared will experience the uplifting message from the judge about the power of love and knowing that we all live on in spirit. If we close our eyes and open our hearts, we can feel the love of so many beautiful memories that will live on in our souls forever.

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