Jongwe the Rooster: I make the sun rise

Jongwe the Rooster has a great skill, that of crowing everyday at dawn. And that skill goes straight to his head!
He realizes that if he convinces his friends that he is responsible for making the sun rise , he can get anything he desires from them. And he does. His friends trust him and do everything he asks for. Until one day! Some of them have had enough. They stumble into the truth. Will deceit destroy Jongwe’s relationships…or will fellow farm animals find a way to forgive? Parents will love the life lesson in this book, based on an African folk tale, as they work to install morals in their own children. A rooster, pig, sheep, cow and even a few turtles come together in this beautifully illustrated story, – teaching the most important worldwide principle: The Golden Rule , and that every action has a consequence.

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