Measurland: The Secret of Hunger

When she, a seven year old, gazed at the lights of the Aniva Lighthouse, where the Sea of Okhotsk meets the Sea of Japan. When she studied Estonian in the suburbs of Tallinn at the age of twelve. When she watched the fall of the Berlin Wall as a teenager.
When she celebrated the collapse of the USSR and restoration of her native Ukraine’s independence.
When she held her newborn daughter to her breast. When she, along with millions of Ukrainians, supported regime change and Ukraine’s movement towards Europe during the Maidan Revolution in 2013.
When she donated all the money she had to the Ukrainian army at the outset of the Russo-Ukrainian war in 2014. And even now, when Ukraine is fighting a large-scale Russian invasion, she has always been someone desperate to uncover the secret. And tell it to the world.

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