MY BLOOD TYPE IS “BE POSITIVE”; Powerful, Positive Affirmations for Black Women : Combat your Low SELF-ESTEEM, Boost your CONFIDENCE & ELEVATE YOUR SOUL, … you learn to Master the Art of “SELF-LOVE”!

Are you a Woman of Color that sometimes feel like you DON’T MEASURE UP to “Society’s” expectations? Do you have LOW SELF-ESTEEM that prohibits you from having confidence in your own potential? Do you SELF-SABOTAGE yourself by joking negatively about your flaws? Do you spend hours scrolling on Social Media only to end up COMPARING your physical attributes to other women?
Do you already use affirmations & want to continue to benefit from them? If you can answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this Book is for YOU!
Learn to love ALL of your amazing qualities and love you, for YOU!

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