NO SHAME – The Key to Weight Loss: If You’ve Paid for Diets This Book May Change Your Life

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The diet industry is a monster―probably among the largest money makers in the world, and you are giving them your hard-earned money. This book explains why those diet plans fail again and again and ultimately empowers you to break patterns and take control of your own eating habits. If you’re a binge eater, food addict, or feel you can’t control your eating this book will allow you to understand why commercial diet plans fail, and how to reach your weight loss goals.
The biggest surprise may be that over-eating, binge eating, and addictive eating usually have very little to do with food, but are more often related to conflicting personality traits in our subconscious. This book gives you the tools to identify, manage, and employ those traits to regulate your eating habits rather than feel that they control you.

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