Off The Dribble (Beyond Worth Uh’ Dance)

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Off The Dribble (Beyond Worth Uh’ Dance)

Maxwell Pixar baptized to the game the day he gleamed at a shotgun extended outta the trunk of a 1970’ish whip and the next thing you knew danger was everywhere. Luckily the static wasn’t intended at Max because of his tender age- very likely wouldn’t survived. But instead, he saved the day utilizing his ghetto instincts. Growing up in East Oakland the deep, better know as the trenches- action packed, sun upz ta’ downs. As Max grew older he begun soaking up the street knowledge and rapidly from the older siblings which surrounded him. By far his Pops eldest brother, and quit few of the hood generals, not to discredit the opposite sex who found his persona soulful, thick nearly impossible of ignoring~ engaging a taste! The tables whipped! Forcing upon him to differiante the drawning of the darts,

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