Sharing My Light & Healing Energy: Journey to True Self

I wanted to share my journey through self-discovery. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own pace of growth. I just wanted to show that it’s possible for people to transform their lives on all levels! One can do so much with a change of mindset and finding a way past their own blocks. Everything fell into place once I started to pay more attention to the signs and synchronicities. Lucky me, I found a way to open up to my intuition, which led me to unlock, heal and reconnect to my inner child. Then I learned Reiki and how to work with the energy. It’s all about one thing that opens up another and another…like a catalyst. I ended up transforming my own life, finding my life purpose and my authentic self. Everyone has the chance to create the life that they want if they move out of their comfort zone and work through their ego and fears. Who doesn’t want a balanced and harmonious life? Use the wisdom I have shared and the reflection pages to find out how!

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