Shopping Addiction Reformation: A simple solution guide to begin your journey towards breaking your shopping addiction and compulsive buying (binge shopping, compulsive behavior, shopaholic)

You DON’T have to suffer! Begin your journey towards a financially healthier and happier you by following the guidelines of this book to recover from your shopping addiction today! Do you always find yourself buying more than you need no matter how much you promise yourself that this time would be different? Have you gotten yourself into financial troubles because of your overspending? Do you often feel unsatisfied and empty after a spending spree? If this is you, then you may be addicted to shopping. The good news is that there is hope; you can actually overcome shopping addiction and start enjoying shopping for things you actually need and not buying compulsively. This book outlines the steps you need to take now to change your life and free yourself from the chains of shopping addiction.

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