Loyalty is not something that can be demanded- it’s not a pressure switch that can be controlled. Loyalty is as fragile as a bubble blown by a child on a warm spring day, and also just as beautiful. It encircles and preserves every molecule inside its delicate harmony, and requires a balance that has only been known by a very small number of kings and emperors. In today’s world, loyalty can be bought or bargained for and it’s never honored; but that’s not the case for The Fregoso organization led by Frank Fregoso. Frank was born into a DNA chain that understands loyalty stems from the leader himself. His continuous effort to enrich, thrive, and balance his Kingdom creates unwavering subjects that rise as high as his vision. No, Frank Fregoso is not a ruler of some far-off Kingdom in the 1800s, he’s the King of this world- a world that is controlled and dictated through war. The power of dictators, rulers, and presidents, in our modern world, is kept through campaigns of violence that support the threat of war at their fingertips. In this world, Frank is the supreme emperor, anything and everything that is desired to wage war, the Fregoso organization is in control of

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