Sword’s Edge: Enemies to Lovers’ Romance

A dying wish. A failing business. A budding romance. A quest to fulfill a last wish opens the door to new possibilities.
It wasn’t the right thing to do, but the world didn’t do nice things to me when the cat I adopted, Tiffany, turned out to be the bane of my existence and the doctor’s report came in. Auntie had cancer. I knew I couldn’t save her, but I could show her how to live again.
The plan was simple, get a job, save up and go on a trip to Paris with Auntie, and try to get Tiffany to be an actual pet. A job opening came up, and I dropped my waitressing job in a heartbeat. Without any kind of corporate experience, I was going in blind.
But my falsified CV did more than just land me a job at one of the biggest companies in the city, it granted me access to the drop-dead gorgeous CEO of Ader Holdings. I really thought I could do this, but it took all of three minutes for my sloppy PA skills and my hellish cat, to get me in so much trouble…. trouble that got me in my boss’s bed.

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