The Ammolite Adventures: Bluestone

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The Ammolite Adventures: Bluestone

Bluestone is the first book in The Ammolite Adventures, a series where fantasy and reality blend seamlessly in a rich tapestry woven from the many colors of magic. With the help of her animal bondsmate, Emily uncovers a series of secrets that her godfather has locked away. However, instead of joy, the revelations have serious repercussions that include bloodshed and danger. As she is backed into a corner by forces intent on using her for their benefit, she finds her budding gifts are the only truth she can rely on. Thirsting for more knowledge, she reaches a precipice; she will have to decide whether to remain on Earth or embark on a perilous journey that involves plunging through a portal where travelers trade in the modern world for swords and spells. This saga chronicles two planets, two times, brought together by pure passion, epic battles, and an ambitious struggle for supremacy filled with sharp steel and incredible wizardry.

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