The Caterpillar who dreamed of flying!

An enchanting forest full of beautiful tall trees… gushing rivers…and lovely lakes… Bright green foliage everywhere you look… Brilliant colored flowers everywhere
What else could you wish for?
Ahhh! You and I might be perfectly happy in such an exotic place but not our little friend. Meet Melvin a beautiful caterpillar who lived with his many siblings among the milk thistle bushes. Melvin would have the greatest time chomping on the delicious green leaves
playing with his insect friends. Among the shady trees, on the many branches, Melvin would explore his beautiful surroundings.
Everyday, he would make new friends and discover something new and wonderful unil one day he suddenly saw a most lovely sight that left him in awe! Melvin saw some beautiful creatures, brilliantly colored, flying among the trees! Who were these fascinating beings? Were they fairies?
Were they elves?
A wonderful surprise awaits you, dear Reader!

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