The Craziest Love Story (Underworld Kings of Fighters)

Every love story has a prince charming and a villain. There is no prince charming in this one but only villains.
My mom forced me to become a prostitute, but a mysterious man changed my life forever.
He was rich and older than me. Tender and tough at the same time. He had his own demons, as I had mine. His piercing blue eyes were full of dark desire for me. Yet, he never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do. Day after day, our relationship evolved. I gave him my virginity, heart, body and soul before I really knew anything about him. But I felt loved and cherished. That’s all that mattered. Till… Someday, my first love broke my heart. Everything tragically ended. Four years later, I was getting married to someone else. I was on the verge of vowing eternal love to my sweet future husband—until some armed guys appeared and kidnapped me. They took me to their boss’s secluded mansion in Las Vegas. My captor is a wealthy and powerful man with an unconventional profession. He hates me. I loathe him.
The only problem… His smallest touch lights me on fire.
His occasional tenderness destabilizes me.
Last but not least, why does he remind me of my first love? Still, he has a different name and face.
So, am I wrong?

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