The Dark Side of Ambition: A Novel

Sometimes, anyone can be capable of terrible deeds. What happens when ambition takes over everything else? Allison is a young Marketing Manager who is in charge of defining the marketing strategies of a large multinational company through digital channels. She is strong, bright, resourceful, and ready for anything to achieve and succeed, but to do so, she must take the place of her company’s current CEO, Jason. To make his rival look bad, Allison hatches the evilest plans and, digging into his past, discovers an unexpected secret that will be decisive in putting him out of business. Subsequently, however, a tragedy unfolds that will change the young woman’s life forever, making her realize that it is not so much where you are that matters, but who you are as a person once in power; it is integrity, humanity, and loyalty to oneself, one’s values, and others that count.

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