The Dissension Process: Prepare for the Supernatural Rebellion (Book 1 in The Dissension Process Saga)

Two extraordinary youths find their dysfunctional worlds colliding, for better or worse. But danger never seems too far away…
Nobody said coping with depression would ever be an easy process.
Jamie is far from the average teenager – among a small fraction of London’s population in possession of an extraordinary ability of unknown origins, her extremely powerful and unique gift sets her above the rest of her kind. Driven by her loneliness and a deeply traumatic past, she combats any empowered dissenter she comes across in the hope of distracting herself from her suffering, to little avail.
The mysterious boy.
Jamie then encounters Jesse – an enigmatic youth with powers very similar to her own who is able to hold her to a rare stalemate before fleeing. Fascinated by the young man, Jamie obsessively tries to hunt him down once again to learn more of his capabilities.

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