The Fading Evergreen

‘The Fading Evergreen’ is set in a world of immortality, engineered by the brilliant geneticist, Dr Emily Blake. With her discovery, she successfully eradicates all disability, disease, and even, death itself. Dr Blake promises to deliver “Heaven on Earth”. We join the eternal paradise a millennium later, and things aren’t heavenly as they once seemed.
Kailan Saor is a mortal boy of fourteen, and a student of ‘The Haven’. It is here that new children are moulded into citizens worthy of the outer, immortal world. Despite the incessant propaganda, he is suspicious of the supposed perfection hidden beyond the walls and a veil of deceit.
Following his hunch, Kailan places his faith in ‘The Alliance’, a rebel group hoping to restore life’s natural cycle. He is placed under the rueful protection of John Lyons; an immortal man tortured by the end of his marriage and the certainty of endless time in which to wallow.

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