The Great Lockdown

When your blood’s worth more than gold, do you save yourself or the world?
Regina Stone is a typical everyday teenager, raised by a single mother in a modest home. She goes to school in a building surrounded by armed guards and barricades, living in constant fear of a deadly virus. And like every other kid in Providence C, she eagerly awaits her Pinning Ceremony at renowned scientist Frank Azzard’s Dome.
There, she and other sixteen-year-olds will get their first dose of a lifesaving antidote. But things are not what they seem. Regina’s blood sample causes chaos in the Dome, and she finds herself under constant surveillance. But her life as she knows it ends when an outcast student, Kenji, breaks Regina out of her cell.
Kenji reveals a hidden world of deceit and manipulation all centered around one man. Frank Azzard. They have been in search of the cure—the perfect DNA to make one vaccine for the world. And with Regina’s arrival, they’ve found it.

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