The House of Madness

The world has descended into a corrupt and broken society in the year 2050. Eddie Burns, a shapeshifter, creates a prison for the most violent and dangerous criminals in the world; however, any and all crime (especially murder) is legal inside the house if waivers are signed. The poor citizens outside of the house are treated as cows, slaughtered for the sick pleasure for the psychopaths that reside inside. The son of a notorious crime boss, Hiro Nakamura and his one-armed ex-cop friend, Mai Satsuki, take the law into their own hands by mercilessly killing off the psychopaths to protect the citizens. Eddie decides to punish Hiro by kidnapping his daughter Akemi and forces him and Mai to fight against the most deranged and vile human beings on earth by sunset in order to get his daughter back. Should Hiro and Mai fail, the world will continue to be plagued in violence and his daughter will forever be a slave inside the house of madness.

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