The Lone Lake of Glass Lilies (English Edition)

The Lone Lake of Glass Lilies is a long, twisting romance novel full of thrill and suspense where silly lovable as well as horrendously cruel characters interact with one another without a moment’s rest. The romance side of things is inspired from books such as Heaven’s Official Blessing, with some political elements of Howl’s Moving Castle and crude magical classification logically referenced from the Peter Grant detective series. The novel takes place in an imaginatively crafted fantasy world, where elves, fairies, tieflings, werewolves, giants, cyclopses, goblins, four covens of witches, sorcerers, humans and vampires all live in relative harmony until a particular coven, the Coven of Crows, drops from their noble standing as renowned healers to the darkest pits of anatomy magic after a tragic death of a beloved young lord. The lord’s close brother seeks his revenge on the leading elven kingdom of the supernatural world and its counterpart fairy kingdom.

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