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This sci-fi thriller features powerful symbolism and fascinating characters based on six popular biblical entities: A professor (creator/Word), Lexis (an all-powerful photonic entity/angel of light), Michael (the Great Prince), Beverly (a great wonder in heaven), Nigel (the chosen one), and Carolyn (the mother of harlots).
The Nature Of The Beasts rediscovers the Tree of Knowledge, a metaphor for our developing consciousness, and the Tree of Life, a fundamental archetype in many of the world’s mythologies, religious, and philosophical traditions. It reveals a definite purpose of all life, and it explores the troubling ambiguities behind a messiah’s one-thousand-year rule.
This modern-day technological struggle between good and evil aims to enlighten and inspire readers to look beyond the headlines and focus on rapidly unfolding dangers; depopulation programs, out-of-control A I, genetic engineering, a new world order, a new financial system, and a developing universal consciousness using nanotechnology.

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