True Winter (A Series of Four Seasons Book 1)

Delve Into A Secret World Under Our Own Tied To Legacy, Violence & History. Five hundred years ago, a deadly artifact called the Chains of Peter was stolen. Now, the chains have resurfaced in Mobile, Alabama, and the House of David, a secret organization that specializes in securing dangerous artifacts, has sent its most lethal operative to find them. Judge Eden Dowler is all but certain the wealthy Bachman family is hiding the chains, and he has a win/win plan for securing them. As it happens, the Bachmans’ youngest son, Orion, is Eden’s estranged half-brother. All Eden has to do is convince his brother to join the House of David, and the chains are as good as his. Orion Bachman is the perfect candidate—loyal, intelligent, fit, and eager—and Eden is certain his brother’s healthy upbringing will benefit the House, which usually only recruits broken children.

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