First Grade! Let School Begin: Inspiring Motivational Stories about Feelings, Courage, and Friendship For the Start of Elementary School

Every child deserves the chance to be mentally and emotionally prepared for elementary school so that they can go to school with joy.
Your child is now starting elementary school. It is a new stage in your child’s life and that means preparation! Every child is dealing with the start of school on the inside, whether they are confident and looking forward to school, or scared and would rather stay in kindergarten. Children are not yet able to show all their feelings and they often don’t know how to explain what’s on their mind.
Starting school stories don’t have to be boring. Have fun with entertaining and exciting stories, dive into the world of starting elementary school together and get to know your child’s emotional world better by asking specific questions to support your child more intensively so that the start of elementary school becomes even more positive. A motivational book for all girls and boys who will soon be starting elementary school!

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