Four Powerful Women in the Human History

Most of the individuals enter and then leave the civilization without even leaving a trace. Few people, nevertheless, leave an imprint that last for decades or even centuries. This book is dedicated to some of those chosen people who have made a significant contribution to civilization. They were influential people at the time, and people still think highly of them. This book offers the biographies of four remarkable women who were chosen as the top world influences throughout the previous two centuries. These women held extraordinary authority and held sway over a sizable portion of society. They contributed significantly to the advancement of civilization and demonstrated that women could participate in politics and public life. By demonstrating that women have been strong throughout history, we hope to inspire young girls through this book. They should not experience a perception of inferiority and should participate in all aspects of life. Women have always served as the crux of society, and they have been instrumental in the highlevel affairs of vast empires and governments.

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