How To Score Points Raising Your Teen: Understanding Your Teenager In Today’s Ever-Changing World

Should You Throw in The Parenting Towel?
We’ve all been there – woken up to find a stranger walking through our hallway. And no, it’s not a burglar or your sleep-walking next-door neighbor. It’s your teenager! One minute, they’re all over you, and the next, you’re not allowed in their TikTok videos! The energy has changed, and you’re on the outside looking in.
Is it too late to start parenting your teen?
So, you search for that dusty magic book with all the secrets to parenting. But there’s none! Which book tells you that some age-fluid adult will slide into your child’s DMs? Or how to handle your 15-year-old being on contraceptives? Countless questions ring through your mind as it dawns on you that what worked in the previous centuries will not cut it for your Gen Z.

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