The Princess and the Magical Book: series vol 1

The princess and the magical book tells the story of how she got magic from a book to do as she pleases. But first, there are things she needs to do or say to accomplish her ‘magic’. The magic won’t work at all unless the princess is friendly, nice and kind. This princess is usually very unkind, rude and unfriendly. She must be very, very patient too or else no fun for her. Guaranteed to stimulate your child’s attention to friendship, good manners, kindness, patience. She also works closely with a pretty animal too, find out who helps the princess on her way to fetching ‘magic’
Funny, inspiring, motivating, great attitude to -focus, playful, magical fun.
Bedtime story, on car, to the shops, while walking, on picnic, at church or school time.
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