Illustrated Version Lance Of The Golden Cobra: Knights of the Neverwas

Connie Morgan is an ordinary girl. But, one thing she knows for certain — she doesn’t believe in fairies!
At school, Connie is bullied by three rude girls for being dyslexic. However, after meeting a new girl at school, Namisha Singh, that soon changes and the girls make an astonishing discovery about a thrilling family secret. This leads them on a fantastic journey in the techno-magical world of the Neverwas, the domain of mythical beasts and powerful, mysterious beings. With their grown-up guides, Albert, Connie’s uncle, and Babu, Namisha’s grandpa, begin a dangerous crusade for the folk of the enchanted land. They become the Knights of the Neverwas.
Nothing will be ordinary ever again… for Connie and Namisha!
Dyslexia friendly. The book is formatted in a large font and double-spaced for easy reading.
This version of the book has over 40 illustrations.

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