Stay Calm & Joy-Up!

Now that we have survived the Covid 19 pandemic, it is time for a power boost to rejuvenate our inner soul! Have you checked your spiritual joy tank lately? Seriously. Is your joy half-empty or half full? Either way, Jesus wants you to have his supernatural joy in a fulfilling and a sustained way (John 15:11). Discover why “Joy to the World,” is not just a cheery thought. Joy has come and every heart should prepare him room and repeat the sounding joy! No! Numb is not the new normal! The Christian life must be marked with joy and the strength that comes with it. Yes, we are living in unprecedented times; still, the good news is that the joy of the Lord is not a timid joy, it is our strength! The world offers no hope and there is no indication that things will get better. Still, Christians are supposed to have joy in spite of, and no matter what!

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